Our main goal is to help your Brand become a constant memory of both your clients and future sales! Our designs, are unique; we can build anything you have in mind.

Branded and Customized Flash Drives are our Specialty, we are the best crafters and shapers for your ideas; we want them to feel more than real and endure time! Take for sure, our products are made to last due their professional and skilled crafting.

We're a distinguished and acknowledged USB Solutions Brand, bolstered by more than 10 years of experience, we shape your ideas swiftly and efficiently by developing all kind of Branded USB Flash Drive projects. We want to maintain a long and fruitful relationship with you by offering the best service and quality within The Customized Flash Drive Market.

USB Promotional has several quarters around the world; its manufacturing plant is within the most advanced and competitive region in China, Shenzhen- Hong Kong. USB PRomotional factory beholds full specialized teams to develop USB Flash Drives and cool consumer gadgets. Our production capacity exceeds more than 3,000 units per day, with optum standards that secure responsible work with the environment and with their people and with world wide trade policies. Some of the examples are:

  • CE
  • ROHS
  • FCC

With several years of production, USB Promotional has become a lead supplier for both worldwide brands and any kind of business which requires specialized solutions for its promotional needs. Some of our trusted clients are: Coca-Cola®, Aernnova®, Oracle®, BBVA®, Ferrero®, Monster®, Pedigree®, Grainger® and other renown brands.


  • 2009 Company ́s Foundation
  • 2014 With more than 550 clients
  • 2016 Over 1 million customized usb flash drives manufactured and created per year

Our team is always looking for your ideas, create them, deliver them and handling at the best price for you!

We'll always be faithfully at your service.

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